Live. Love. Always


In my line of work, even from behind a desk, I’ve seen the reality that life is short.

I’ve seen a 21-year-old die in a car accident that knew people I knew.

I’ve seen children die at the hands of their parents.

I’ve seen a man, my age; take his own life for reasons only known to him and his God.

I’ve learned of Police Officers, who in the routine of their daily duties, suffered a gunshot to the face, unable to kiss their children, or spouse again…unable to say, “goodbye.”

I’ve taken a call about a woman found lifeless just before Christmas, and another who awakened a day later to find her husband had died in his sleep beside her.

I’m exposed to such circumstances on the heels of facing my own mortality, and I am fortunate to be able to live my life to the fullest.

I realize, in a way I did not prior to doing what I do for a living, that at any moment, our existence could be snatched from us.

These truths grant me perspective. I dare say we should all take a moment to recognize the reality that at any moment it could all end. A reminder that “living life to the fullest” is more than just a punch line.

So rejoice in the blessings that linger into your life, remember to say: “I love you,” “I need you,” “I thank you,” “I apologize,” and mean it!

Don’t harbor anger or resentment for too long, because it eats away at you … believe me, I know.

Allow yourself to heal and to move on from the past that caused you pain. Don’t dwell on your mistakes and don’t fret over what you “should have done in the first place,” because every decision you made has shaped the person you have become.

I am here now, vulnerable, exposed, hopeful, and imperfect…but I’m also aware that life is too short to wait for my life to happen the way others believe it should, because truth is, none of us has any control over the potential outcome of finality.

I may sit behind a desk, as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher and as a writer; with ambitions and determination to be as great a father as Dad was for us, as great a brother as my sister has been to me, as complete a man as any man should seek to be… and yes, even as legendary as immortal names of authors-past. Though I confess I haven’t accomplished anything worthy of praise, there are others who hold that distinction, because they have earned it (Soldiers, Officers, Firemen, fathers, mothers…lovers).

In any case, I have resolved to be happy, to accept what life and God have offered me. To make the most of these blessings (my family, my children, my true friends), because they didn’t have to be mine, and I didn’t have to be permitted to live long enough to know them.

So make the most of each day. Wake up early and watch the Love of your life sleep beside you—or listen to them snore, if you must—and kiss her or him as they dream of you.

They’re dreaming of you. Trust me.

Stay up late—even if you must be up early—to make the most of your time with true friends, loved ones, or even yourself.


Be open to change, to expanding your inner circle. Handle your responsibilities, because “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” ~Mae West. You’ll find that time passes too quickly, and life is too short to be anything but happy.

Fall in love.

If you’ve already done so, then do it all over again!

Yes, even with the same person you have already devoted your life to because there’s no rule that forbids it.

Dance in each other’s eyes, swim in each other’s smile, drown in each other’s tears. Isn’t that what love is supposed to be? You know, the highest peak and the deepest valley.

Think about that momentarily.

The. Deepest. Valley.

The realm in someone’s soul where few have dared venture into for fear of what they may, or may not find. But if you’re the only one who’s been there then you experience something no one else has, and that is truly special.

After all, the purest treasures of the world are always hidden. Diamonds, pearls and gold must be found in the depths of the earth, because nothing worth having is easily accessed, or obtained.

Experience each other in tiny droplets of time. Be it through a lingering glance, a gentle caress, a moment of silence, a stolen moment, or meaningful kiss. Treat each instance as if it is the first, and as if it shall be your last. The only thing you have to lose is the moment. Better to live long enough to lose the memory of it than to spend eternity regretting never having lived it.

“Never waste a moment, it may be the last with someone you love.” ~Unknown

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