Love And Death Quotes Photo

Though heartbreak is as predictable as death, providing symptoms and hints of the inevitable, the difference is that the pain ends with the finality of death, and heartbreak echoes through our lives.

Heartbreak kills you in a way that perpetuates the pain. It haunts you with the ghosts of passions that faded into the shadows of memory. Whereas death only haunts the living for a brief period, heartbreak haunts you with tears amid the echo of silence for as long as you long for the magic of what once was, and may never be again.

Some loses come at the behest of distance, a chasm filled with the things that were never said. Others are the result of infidelities, omissions, secrets and lies. Measuring the pain is futile, for it is merely a fool’s endeavor akin to describing color to a blind man.

Though the shades of love come in many colors, heartbreak exists in only one hue. Sadly, it doesn’t matter how you paint the picture, because your tears will cause the colors on the canvas of your heart to run like a painting left out in the rain.

What is it about heartbreak that stays with us longer than the jubilation of love? What causes the violation of betrayal to loom over us longer than the light of affection? What causes the echo of lies to resonate longer than the whispers of love?

We believe the former and forget the latter, and as a consequence we believe no one who promises happiness, while we cling to the cynicism that anticipates the pain.

Regardless of how much we brace ourselves for the impact, we are never truly ready for love, and even less adequately prepared for the inevitability of heartbreak. This is why life is full of surprises, and why we must live life for the moment!

There is no rhyme or reason to it, but even though life and death, or love and heartbreak will not be part of your plan, there is bound to be someone who will drive you made with love and make you feel alive. And that makes it all worth the memories.

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