F24BDB0F-EDDE-4512-B913-EBB6C3DA34F2She wandered into the darkness leaving a trail of her tears in her wake. Pedals from her heart fell with each step, so that if he chose to follow he would know the path she took.

The labyrinth of her heart silent, save for the echo of their whispers and the words never spoken. Though their bond did not require for anything to not be left unsaid, for they had already memorized the unspoken words that rested on their lips.

A kiss is never just a kiss.

A memory is never just a moment trapped in another time.

These are the links that keep two hearts bound to one another for eternity.

She followed tomorrow, and he followed her.

Together they pursued destiny.

Though, in the forest of forgetfulness she had wandered onto a path where time was irrelevant and the trees did not look familiar.

He followed her, still, but not for the sake of luring her back to the clearing she already knew, rather he shadowed her steps clinging to the stems she left behind to keep watch over her and protect her from the dangers lurking in the dark.

The thorns punctured his skin, the blood dripped from his fingers, but he refused to let her go.

Not for the sake of refusing to accept his fate, but for the sake of the promise he once made.

”I will love you, forever.”

That is a destiny no one can avoid.

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