What is love, but a snowflake?

No two ever fall the same,

What is in a whisper?

When I don’t hear you say my name.

What is a thousand years?

When one-hundred will do,

I’d rather share a lifetime together

Than endure eternity without you.

What is a tear?

But a memory that is shed,

What is a dreamless night?

Without you in my bed.

What is the moon?

Without the stars in your eyes,

What are the broken pieces of my heart?

When the love slowly dies.

What is the meaning of forever?

When I’m living in the past,

What is a first love?

When it is compared to the last.

What is a raindrop?

In a desert of lonely,

What is an embrace?

When you’re not here to hold me.

What is my purpose?

What is my other half of one?

Who am I without you?

Now that we are done.

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