ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Destiny on a String


“I never wanted but your heart—that gone, you have nothing more to give.” ~Mary Wollstonecraft in a letter to Gilbert Imlay, her lover (Letter LXX, London 18th century)

With my destiny on a string, I cling to hope.

The hope for one more glance, the fire in your eyes to illuminate the darkness. The hope for one more whisper, a breeze in my desert of loneliness. The hope for one more kiss, a raindrop on my parched lips.

I have only ever needed your presence.

I have only ever wanted your love.

To lose you means to have been forsaken by God.

To be forgotten by you is to be cast out of heaven.

Still, I pray for your return. I’ve even summoned Lucifer, a bargain, my soul for your heart.

If I pull on this string, my heart will come undone, yet a single thread of hope gives me the strength to never let you go.

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