“Longing chains me.” ~Indian Love Song, 1883

I remember the day we met like it was yesterday.

In a universe where the present just became the past, and the future just became the present, time stood still the moment I fell in love with you.

In retrospect, each day since that moment has felt like a blessing I never deserved. No day has been long enough for all the things you needed to hear, and no night has moved slow enough for me to watch you sleep.

Though I’ve listened to your breathing in the night, and memorized the beat of your heart, I am in exile for the way I have loved you.

To have been granted entrance into your soul is a death I’ll die a thousand times, because now I know what heaven is like.

I swam in your eyes when you smiled, and I drowned in the tears I once made you cry. I lived an eternity in your heart, and was condemned to hell when I broke it.

I was burned by desire where you touched me, and frozen with fear when you left. I had it all when you loved me, now I only know darkness and cold.

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