ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Love, Lover, Heartbreak



“The heart was made to be broken.” ~Oscar Wilde

What defines a romantic?

Is it the love, the lover, or heartbreak?

The first, defines our lives, for in it we feel alive. The second, defines our reason for living. The last, however, teaches us how to live.

Love, in essence is the soul of the universe. It is the moon and the stars and the worlds we inhabit. It is both the greatest distance that separates us for the purpose of making the effort of coming together, the infinitesimal things we do for one another that matter most.

A simple kiss on the forehead, an embrace in the middle of the night, and the whisper that has us floating on cloud nine. Love is loving despite being separated by time, or circumstance, or emotions, but not letting that stand in the way of expression.

The lover, in essence is the presence that makes up our universe. Be it the galaxy that contains our very existence, to the comets that wander aimlessly—though not aimless, at all—across our night skies, and inspire us to wonder in awe at how something so beautiful could exist amid the chaos.

The heartbreak, in truth is the black hole that robs us of our existence. Its pull is inescapable, for not even light can survive within its grasp. Absolute. Unrelenting. Endless.

It lies at the center of all galaxies biding its time until it devours the moon and the stars and the worlds that comprise our existence. There are wandering black holes too, that belong to no one but fate.

What becomes of the universe then?

Is it reborn in another dimension?

Does it re-emerge, changed, as another universe?

Or does it lose a piece of itself to become a parallel universe?

This is the romantic.

The romantic, who becomes the moon and the stars for another. The romantic, who exists to be the galaxies and worlds of another. And when the romantic arrives at the event horizon, incapable of defying destiny, he has no alternative but to surrender to heartbreak.





The inevitability of it defines us, and redefines us throughout the course of our lives. It is in this cycle of creation, existence, and rebirth that we are fractured and become parallel universes within ourselves.

Time has no meaning, and as a consequence has no limitations, which allows us to relive the memories of our previous existence without abandoning our current state of mind.

Though we must be careful not to live in the past, because in doing so, we may miss out on the present.

Walk your path.

Let your heart beat.

Let your heart be broken.

You were born to live, and the best way to do that is to feel alive.


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