“The more a thing is perfect, the more it feels pleasure and pain.” ~Dante Alighieri

In my novel, THE LAST VALENTINE, I wrote that love is not measured by a beginning and an end, but rather by the height of its passion and the depth of its sorrow.

I believe that, because there are those who spend close to a lifetime together, but those years are filled with regret while absent of faithful affections. Whereas there are others who share a few short years together and the affair is driven by passionate, romantic love.

Isn’t that the ideal love?

The kind that fills your heart with so much affection that it breaks it. You never truly recover from it. The break never heals. It leaves a scar. The memory of it stays with you.

I think of this love as an epic love.

You fly and you fall to the ebb and flow of its motion. You live and die by the moment. Some may claim this is an unhealthy form of love, but isn’t love intended to take you through every emotion?

Happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, joy, pain, bliss, anger, security and jealousy are the gamut of feelings you run through the course of this love…and in truth, the only regret you will ever feel is the loss of this love.

You will grieve the loss till the end of your days.

Not for what it was, but for what it wasn’t.

The love that didn’t last.

So, we must ask ourselves: Why doesn’t this love last?

What leads us to walk away from it?

What happened during the course of that love to place us on divergent paths?

Pride? Anger? Pain? Infidelity? Deception?

Or did it simply exhaust us of our patience?

Perhaps it is a combination of the aforementioned reasons, but if this is so, then what do we make of 1st Corinthians 13:7 – “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things,” when we claim to be adherents of the Bible, and believers in God?

Though Scripture teaches us about God’s perfect love for us, I dare say that love is most closely paralleled by our unconditional love for each other.

So, forgive your lover’s imperfections, lest you deny your own faults; believe that your lover loves you as deeply as you love in-turn, lest you live your life wondering what could have been; and endure the highs and lows of the love you share, lest you forego the elixir of true love and remain parched for the real thing.

This is what makes epic love the perfect love.

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