elephant in the room
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
For some perspective: As a society, I believe it’s imperative we understand that mental illness is nothing new. People in possession of weapons is nothing new.
Mass school shootings have been happening around the world (and yes, even in the U.S.) for close to 100 years.
What’s new is how the media reports it and we react to it.
That’s not to say new legislation shouldn’t be enacted for the sake of public safety.
We all possess divergent perspectives about weapons and illness. What’s most important now is how we navigate these troubled waters.
Is bickering and casting blame the solution?
Productive debate is good. It’s necessary, for through it we provide our children with an example of how to find solutions rather than to point fingers at the problems for the sake of proving “who’s right.”
Because even if you argue, and even if you win… who loses?

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