ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Fires of Passion


“Where passion is not found, no virtue ever dwelt.” ~Maria Brooks; Canto First, Grove of Acadias in 1825

Oh, but what is love without passion?

A night without stars and the moon.

A storm of winds without the rain.

A kiss without feeling.

Can it be considered love without passion? A presence without want and need of each other is merely coexisting. That is no way to live.

It is an incomplete song.

It is an unfinished book.

It is a betrayal of one’s own heart.

For you see, we are driven by our emotions and must not refrain from expressing how we feel for one another. Where there is passion there is a desire to manifest the affections we have for the person we love.

Be it with a kiss, a caress, a whisper of our intentions when we pull each other close and our bodies become one.

We are incapable of avoiding this when we are in love, for love is the fire that burns in the hearth of our hearts and passion is the accelerant that intensifies the heat. The heat capable of providing us with warmth in an uncertain world. Its glow capable of illuminating the darkest corners of our souls. The blaze capable of consuming us, together…leaving us in a pile of ashes and dust.

We no longer exist as we once did, but instead we emerge like a phoenix reborn, two souls having become one. When we do this repeatedly with the same person it is akin to the adage that speaks of successful marriages being predicated on the idea that it requires us to fall in love many times, always with the same person.

Thus, it is incumbent upon us to honor ourselves and our partners by fulfilling the promises made in our hearts: to love each other unconditionally because that’s what true love is, that’s what it’s meant to be…passionate and virtuous, a fire and the breath it needs to exist.

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