“A friend is always good to have, but a lover’s kiss is better than angels raining down at me.” ~Dave Matthews Band

I’m sitting by the window
Watching the clouds roll by,
Letting the rain fall on my face
To conceal the tears I cry
But these aren’t tears of sadness
For these are tears of joy,
My happy ending just began
In this story of girl meets boy
And I’d love to sing a song about it
My feelings composed for you,
Written in the melody
Is the secret of my heart – I adore you
My soul will be your symphony
A concert composed for you,
The harmony of my affections
To show you there’s nothing I won’t do
I’d turn this song into play
You’d be my opera and I’d be your phantom,
Let me be your lullaby
And you will be my anthem
The conductor directing the score
In the orchestra of my emotions,
A song heard halfway around the world
Beyond the mountains and the oceans
I’d compose another opus
You’d be the inspiration for the theme,
I’d compose another rhapsody
And tell the story as if it were a dream
I’d devote to you the chorus
And sing a song of love that is true,
I’d love to do it all
But mostly I’d just love to fall in love with you.

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