ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Love is Like a Love Song


“Anything can be a love song as long as two people care about it.” ~Rob Sheffield

There is something unique about first love.

It’s like the first note of our favorite song. It will remind us of a time shrouded by the shadows of forgetfulness. Not necessarily because we intend to forget about it, but because it’s an experience we are doomed to never truly remember.

Akin to our first steps, our first kiss, and our first heartbreak…our first loves are merely a rite of passage into a deeper realm.

We will remember them for what they were…that cold shock when we jumped feet first into the waters of affection. We seldom recall how the water embraced us when we emerged from beneath the surface, but we remember swimming.

Truth is, you’re never supposed to remember what it felt like to leap into the water. You’re only supposed to recall how naturally it felt to swim.

When the water holds you, it holds all of you. Even when you go under, the water caresses you with a gentle astuteness that lets you know there is no part of you it will not touch.

This is love.

This is true love.

True love is that secret you cannot keep from yourself.

True love is not a lie that will deceive you into believing something that isn’t real.

True love is honesty.

Beyond that, however, true love is loyal.

For you see, there’s a difference between being honest and being faithful.

Someone can lie to you about being faithful, and they can be honest about infidelity.

And so we must ask ourselves: Is true love ever dishonest and unfaithful?

The correct answer is : No.

True love will never betray you.

It’s that simple.

True love is the moon in a night sky filled with stars.

You might want to make a wish upon a star, but it will only come true if that star falls for you.

The moon, however, will be there for you every night.

Dancing with the tide of your emotions, watching you while you sleep, guiding you through the realm of dreams.

The moon is always faithful.

This defines love, because love isn’t epitomized by what someone does in your presence, but rather it is the expression and loyalty it displays when you aren’t watching.

There’s a sense of security that eases the mind and comforts the heart when you sleep at night knowing the moon is watching you.

I dare say it is tantamount to your lover turning over in their sleep—in the middle of the night—and holding you.

It requires no thought.

It demands nothing of you, or of itself.

It simply is an inherent expression of what you feel in your subconscious.

It is more than simply the first note in your favorite song.

True love simply becomes the sweetest verse over the perfect beat.

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