“For she had eyes and chose me.” ~Shakespeare, Othello

What is the last thing you remember saying to someone after making love?

Does anyone even do that anymore?

Or is it merely something we only see in the movies?

I used to say: “I want love like it is in the movies!”

Ah, but that was before I started reading books.

Now, I’m certain I’d rather have love like it’s written in a novel. The kind that’s inscribed in eternity. Where love is what it is intended to be…true, unwavering, and more than just words.

There are women who love fictional men and there are women who have found their author crush. Those are wonderful affections between a reader and writer.

Believe me, I know.

I, however, would prefer to experience the kind of love that inspires a writer to pen an unparalleled passion. The type of love that echoes across the ages and inspires future generations to believe in something so profound that even God wouldn’t dare to interfere.

Let the stars write the tale.

Let the world be the stage.

Let her be the sweetest secret in my heart.

And I’ll let her experience the depths of my soul.

I’m no walk in the park, that’s for damn sure.

I’m an alpha.

I’m demanding.

I’m domineering.

But when you’re faithful, I’m devoted.

I’ll hold you like I’m saying goodbye.

I’ll always kiss you like it’s the first time, and as though it is the last.

It’s in my nature, and every romantic will attest to this inherent trait that defines who we are in a world filled with cynics.

Be the only one with whom you make love, and when we lie together after our encounters, I will whisper sweet little nothings into your ear that will mean everything to the both of us.

Chances are that when you do this with a romantic…with a poet, well, we’re writing the first chapter that not only becomes the book, but morphs into a series of seduction.

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