I once kissed a girl in the rain
And it showered me with pain,
I once fell deeper than darkness
And didn’t even know my name

I once gave up what I knew
To prove love was true,
Blinded by the light
Because that’s what lovers do

I once drove overnight
Halfway across the country regardless of mile,
To show a woman she was worth it
Because I needed to see her smile

I once wrote the love letters
And the poems of hopes to come to fruition,
I wanted nothing in return
Because love comes without a condition

I once made a bouquet
Of roses made of clay,
Molded-baked and decorated
To commemorate her day

I once hoped and I prayed
That the foundation I laid,
Would build her a home
That would never be betrayed

I once did what I do
Because I know nothing else,
Yet destiny deems
That I must remain to myself

And I will do what I must
Once or maybe twice,
I will play with fire
And be burned by the ice

Colder than cold
This is my winter’s tale,
In the autumn of my life
It is love I will not fail

Throw me back into the darkness
And I will hide in the rain,
But I will love again
Regardless of the pain

Not because I’m a glutton
For the punishment of the heart,
But because love and destiny
Can not be too far apart

This is who I am
And this is what I’ll do,
I’ll keep making mistakes
Until the day I find you

Let the world mock me
For they know not what I know,
That God said: “To be worthy of HER
You must be willing to grow!”

So I shall keep reaching
For the stars in the skies,
And I’ll know wishes come true
When I see the stars in your eyes

A million in heaven
As in the billion women in the world,
But I truly only want one
And so I ask: “Will you be my girl?”

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