If she promised to visit my dreams
I would sleep for forever,
I wouldn’t even open my eyes
If it meant we would stay together
I would chase the darkness
And I would hide in the night,
To find her in my heart
I would sacrifice my sight
I’d follow her into eternity
Even if it meant walking into hell,
She would be my heaven
She would be my story to tell
And if I had to awaken
To follow her into the world,
I’d open each window
And peer out to see her as my girl
imagining her as my moon
Wandering through a field of stars,
I’d fight for her love
Against the god of war—Mars
Beneath a dark, clear sky
And a blanket of black,
Even if she broke my heart again
I would take her back
I’d believe her promises
Even if they were all broken,
Because love says: “I love you more”
In the words that remain unspoken
So, say nothing to me
That I’ve never heard,
Simply be my favorite poem
And I will be your favorite word.

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