There are words I’d never know
If we hadn’t spoken,
There are paths I’d never have walked
If my heart hadn’t been broken
There is a beauty I’d never have seen
Had I not looked upon you,
There is a lie I would never believe
Had I never known for love to be true
There is a laugh I’d never have heard
Had I not made you smile,
There is a song from one sweet bird
I wouldn’t have chased for another mile
There is a dream I’d never have seen
Had I not fallen asleep in your arms,
There is a spell I wouldn’t have fallen under
Had it not been for your endearing charms
There is a sweetness I’d never tasted
Had I not kissed your two lips,
There is a touch from heaven and hell
That changed me irrevocably from your fingertips
There is a rhythm to which I’d never danced
Had I not laid my head on your chest,
There is a death from which I’d never recover
Had God not laid me down to rest
There is a life I’d never have lived
Had I not been the one to die for you,
There is a tear I’d never have shed
Had I not been destined to cry for you
There is a love I’d never have felt
Had you not been the one to break my heart,
But you are my muse—my inspiration
And you are the reason life imitates art
So if art is the lie that reveals the truth
Then I’ll love you once and all over again,
But you need to know that one lifetime’s not enough
And for this to last forever you must be more than my friend.

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