Let this be a dance
Between you and me,
We shall take our time
And learn what will make us a we
Each step we take
Will teach us something new,
I’ll take my time
To learn everything about you
What makes you happy
What makes you smile,
Let’s make forever
Seem like a little while
Even if time flies
Eternity will pass in a blink,
You and I will go together
Like a smile and a wink
Let us be sappy
And live in our laughter,
You be my happy
And I’ll be your ever after
Because stories are written
And stories are told,
And I want you to be my tale
When we are too old
Let’s live in a notebook
Where the writing is in cursive,
Let us be the legend
Future generations find immersive
Would you be my poem
Would you be my song,
Would you be my right
After everything has gone wrong
I would love nothing more
Than to know I have loved you,
So that the hearts of tomorrow
Will believe in love that is true
But the greatest blessing
To be bestowed upon thee,
Is that when God said: “Let there be love”
You chose to love me.

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