How often may I touch you
But only with my words,
What may I confess
That you have never heard
How often may I see you
In the realm of the page,
Before I go to sleep
I permit my thoughts to set the stage
How often may I hold you
And find comfort in your embrace,
The reflection of perfection
Is the vision of your face
Your pretty brown eyes
And the high cheeks of your smile,
Akin to the star-filled skies
For which I would go the extra mile
And then there’s your hair
That falls in gentle waves,
I am lost in the stare
That a lonely heart craves
How often may I hear your voice
When I listen to those midnight streams,
As I fall deep into my slumber
And hope to see you in my dreams
Though if you frolic in the night
Where your heart is hidden by darkened hues,
I’ll bid you the sweetest dreams
And write in my sleep to caress my muse.

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