Would it be enough
To see her in your dreams,
That glimpse into heaven
Where destiny is what it seems
Each second is a lifetime
You endure without a breath,
Love will last until the last
Beyond the reach of death…

Would it be enough
To have her in your embrace,
Inhale your reason for breathing
Exhale—and she may leave without a trace
If she lingered on a whisper
Would you catch her with your heart,
Guard her as your best kept secret
To never be apart…

Would it be enough
To lose yourself in her gaze,
To fall into the realm of her thoughts
And navigate her maze
Rush not to find her heart
Fret not that you’ll miss your fate,
For in time you will discover
That she was worth the wait…

Would it be enough
To inhale her scent,
Have her caress your soul
And wonder where the time went
You breathe in her essence
To feel her affection,
To not live without her presence
You’d chose her perfection…

Would it be enough
To wait until she thinks about you,
Not because you need her
But because she needs you too
Let her find what’s in her mind
Before you see a heart that’s true,
Because you will never be too much
For the one who can’t get enough of you.

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