ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Pirate of Passion


It all started
When I gazed into her eyes,
Seeing her smile
Was like watching the sunrise
Her beauty indescribable
Akin to catching light,
She is the moon and the stars
That illuminates my dreams at night
When my heart whispers poetry
I hear the echo of her name,
When my soul feels warmth
I feel the presence of her flame
Fluttering like a butterfly
Trying to kiss the shadows,
If loving her meant death
Then send me to the gallows
As a pirate of passion
She is the one I want to please,
For her heart I’d chase a sunset
Across the seven seas
I’d read the constellations
To find out where she hides,
Despite miscalculations
I’d sail against the tides
If she smiled in the darkness
I’d swim to where her reflection kissed the sea,
My alpha and omega
She is more than a goddess to me.

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