ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Ignorance Is Bliss


I could say I know what I know
Yet I may not know anything at all,
I know I cried in the Spring
And I laughed in the Fall
I know I whispered in Winter
A prayer to the gods,
I saw in the Summer
That the stars were the odds
If one of them fell
From the skies high above,
I know I would have dared
To wish for true love
But if a wish won’t come true
Because it’s not in my fate,
What would I do without you
If I had loved you too late
What if our lifetime of love
Had been in a lifetime before?
And though you loved me too much
I had loved you just a little bit more
Would that have been enough
For our love to reach us from the past?
Would you believe I loved you first
And that I want to love you last
I may not know you that well
Because we are just friends,
But I know that the truest love
Is the one that never ends
No alpha and omega
As we redefine forever,
I simply know in my heart
That we should be together
If you ask me how I know
I’ll say that I’d rather understand,
Because to love you is to be
Water that cannot resist the sand.

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