Could you be that poem
Written in the skies,
That song in my heart
Radiating from your eyes
The voice from heaven
When you decided to speak,
That echo of the Angels
That made my heart weak
That sound in the night
From a lifetime before,
You found my heart in the light
And left me wanting more
I crave your touch
And I crave your kiss,
I crave what I never knew
As the need I’d always miss
That smile I recognize
When I’m feeling sad,
I write you this poem
Because you make me feel glad
That I met you by chance
Or perhaps it was fate,
Even if destiny deemed
That I’d adore you too late
With your baby brown eyes
Looking at me from a distance,
I see you in my life and think
How did I miss this?
Your long curly hair
Wavy and brown,
If your scent was an ocean
Then I’d surely drown
I’d lose myself forever
In the depths of your sea,
And I think to myself
What if she had loved me?
Though even if you did
Would I be worthy of you,
Did you know your name means “gift”
In the ancient language—Hebrew
First used by Shakespeare
In the Merchant of Venice,
Now used by me
Because you truly are precious!

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