I sit beneath the stars
I watch as they glisten,
I find comfort in the silence
It’s for your voice that I listen
Is my name on your lips
In the whisper of the wind,
I feel an angel’s fingertips
Caress me from within
Heaven reaches into my shadows
When I think of your smile,
Even though I know I must go
I tell myself to wait a little while
If patience is a virtue
Then for you I’ll be a saint,
I’ll wait until you see me
Even if my chivalry is quaint
Though if desire is a demon
That is captured in a stare,
Then I’ll be the prisoner of heaven
And surrender to your care
Do with me as you want
Do with me as you need,
I’ll even be your deity
And show you that a demigod can bleed
Pierce my heart with your arrow
Are you the goddess of romantic love?
If so, then you are also my muse
As I sit beneath the stars above.

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