ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Story Book Romance

Book LoveThere was a time
When—for inspiration—I would sit and hark,
Trying to find the words
Was like searching for shadows in the dark
Somehow things have changed
It all started with your smile,
I need only sit in silence
For less than a little while
In these peaceful moments
Where I cling to the realm of sleep,
I dare not open my eyes
For it is you I may no longer get to keep
Yet you linger in my thoughts
Dancing at the foot of my mountain,
My muse at the waterfall
You bring the youth to my fountain
I drink from the waters
Of my imagination,
I savor the flavor
As you prepare the pagination
Your smile started the story
With the sunrise in your eyes—a look,
Until I close my eyes that final time
You may yet become my favorite book!

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