If I could play the piano

I would compose a ballad for you,

I’d bring heaven to tears

And dance with you in the rain…


If I could touch the stars

I would catch the one that fell for you,

I’d present it to you

And show you where destiny wrote my name…


If I could talk to the gods

In the language of the Fates,

I’d ask your sister Aphrodite

To intervene on my behalf…


If I could live on the edge

I would take the chance to die another day,

Even if that meant

I would incur God’s wrath…


If I could see in the dark

I’d search for your beauty between galaxies,

I’d find where heaven lost you

And hide you in the realm of my heart…


If I could write a poem with numbers

I’d calculate the equation where you and I are one,

In the language of the universe

There would be no division to keep us apart.

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