Memories of you

Are like raindrops of forever,

So I sing and I dance

In this perfect weather

I don’t need an umbrella

I won’t search for the sun,

Because I wasn’t looking for love

When I found that you are the one

It rains in the morning

And it rains in the night,

You are the perfect storm

That has made all the wrong things right

If I dreamt you into life

Then I’ll sleep to dream of you again,

I’ll fall into an eternal slumber

If it means I’ll fall in love with my best friend

I’ll fall just like the raindrops

A millions times–never the same way twice,

I’ll fall deeper than hell

And pay the ultimate price

I’ll fall just like the angels

For you–I’ll sacrifice my wings,

Your demon of desire

The passion for which your heart sings

And if forever is not enough

Then I’ll find another way,

To fall under your spell again

And dream about you forever and a day.

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