If catching your eyes

Is like catching a star,

Then I’ll gaze at the skies

To be right where you are

If being at your side

Is like being in a song,

Then I’ll memorize the melody

And begin to sing along

If being in your arms

Is like being in a dream,

Then I shall never wake

From the realm of thoughts in stream

If hearing your whisper

Is like standing in the rain,

Then I’ll dance without an umbrella

And let them say I’ve gone insane

If tasting your lips

Is like coming back to life,

Then I’ll die a thousand deaths

For that kiss of man and wife

If caressing your hair

Is like touching the gods,

Then I’ll reach for heaven

And defy all the odds

Because if being your one

Means breaking my heart in two,

Then I’ll endure the devastating heartbreak

That proves my love is true.

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