Truth is LoveThese words are yours

These feelings you inspire,

If this pen was the torch

Then you are the fire

The heat the intensity

That comes from your gaze,

Illuminates the shadows

And sets the pages ablaze

Pushing back the darkness

Where my vulnerability hides,

Luring me to your shores

As the moon pulls the tides

From the depths of my oceans

The emotions now swirl,

I come to you in waves

There is no other girl

Timeless, unrushed

I am bound by your night,

Where the stars that guide me

Are angels in flight

If I fell into your eyes

Would your angels catch my falling words,

And bring to your fire

The truth you’ve never heard.



I sit beneath the stars
I watch as they glisten,
I find comfort in the silence
It’s for your voice that I listen
Is my name on your lips
In the whisper of the wind,
I feel an angel’s fingertips
Caress me from within
Heaven reaches into my shadows
When I think of your smile,
Even though I know I must go
I tell myself to wait a little while
If patience is a virtue
Then for you I’ll be a saint,
I’ll wait until you see me
Even if my chivalry is quaint
Though if desire is a demon
That is captured in a stare,
Then I’ll be the prisoner of heaven
And surrender to your care
Do with me as you want
Do with me as you need,
I’ll even be your deity
And show you that a demigod can bleed
Pierce my heart with your arrow
Are you the goddess of romantic love?
If so, then you are also my muse
As I sit beneath the stars above.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Save the Last Dance


The preambles of love
Are an innocent dance,
The first steps found
When you are lost at first glance
The innocent poetry
Lingers on a whisper,
You have a memory from tomorrow
Of the night you first kissed her
The taste of her promise
Drips from her lips,
The elixir of heaven
You savor in sips
But that’s just the fantasy
And it doesn’t compare,
To the feel of her heartbeat
And the scent in her hair
She’s in your embrace
When you dance cheek to cheek,
She’ll become your strength
And the moment you are weak
With her in your arms
You’ll want the dance to last forever,
But in the beginning
You’ll merely be glad you are together.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Eternally Lovely


I picture you in the morning
As the sun rises behind my eyes,
Your smile awakens me
And my lonely soul flies
I linger through the heavens
I walk among the clouds,
In a sea of unfamiliar faces
You stand out among the crowds
There are mountains in the distance
Rivers, lakes, and streams,
Yet nothing leaves me breathless
As your beauty—or so it seems
Leave your whisper on my lips
With traces of your heart,
Breathe me back to life
Be the muse behind my art
I’ll picture you in the evening
When I sleep and close my eyes,
I’ll hold your smile in my dreams
The way the moon is held by the skies.



Could you be that poem
Written in the skies,
That song in my heart
Radiating from your eyes
The voice from heaven
When you decided to speak,
That echo of the Angels
That made my heart weak
That sound in the night
From a lifetime before,
You found my heart in the light
And left me wanting more
I crave your touch
And I crave your kiss,
I crave what I never knew
As the need I’d always miss
That smile I recognize
When I’m feeling sad,
I write you this poem
Because you make me feel glad
That I met you by chance
Or perhaps it was fate,
Even if destiny deemed
That I’d adore you too late
With your baby brown eyes
Looking at me from a distance,
I see you in my life and think
How did I miss this?
Your long curly hair
Wavy and brown,
If your scent was an ocean
Then I’d surely drown
I’d lose myself forever
In the depths of your sea,
And I think to myself
What if she had loved me?
Though even if you did
Would I be worthy of you,
Did you know your name means “gift”
In the ancient language—Hebrew
First used by Shakespeare
In the Merchant of Venice,
Now used by me
Because you truly are precious!



Could she be out there
The one that’s on my mind,
If I searched through her thoughts
What would I find?
What needs and desires
Linger behind her eyes,
Those rich pools of love
As deep and lovely as the skies
I gaze upon her smile
And admire the waves in her hair,
I stand like a sailor at sea
Mesmerized, I am lost in the stare
The sound of her laughter
Is like a whisper in the wind,
I’d wait for the breeze from her heart
And the rain inviting me in
Lured by the words
Floating on her voice that is Heaven,
On a scale of one-to-ten
Her beauty is an eleven
Could she be out there
The one that hides in my dreams,
What if I found her in the words
That pour out of me in streams
She would immortalize my poetry
As she soaks onto each page,
She would give meaning to true love
That lasts beyond an age
An era—an epoch
Beyond any measure of time,
If I searched through her thoughts
Would she say she is eternally mine?

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Ignorance Is Bliss


I could say I know what I know
Yet I may not know anything at all,
I know I cried in the Spring
And I laughed in the Fall
I know I whispered in Winter
A prayer to the gods,
I saw in the Summer
That the stars were the odds
If one of them fell
From the skies high above,
I know I would have dared
To wish for true love
But if a wish won’t come true
Because it’s not in my fate,
What would I do without you
If I had loved you too late
What if our lifetime of love
Had been in a lifetime before?
And though you loved me too much
I had loved you just a little bit more
Would that have been enough
For our love to reach us from the past?
Would you believe I loved you first
And that I want to love you last
I may not know you that well
Because we are just friends,
But I know that the truest love
Is the one that never ends
No alpha and omega
As we redefine forever,
I simply know in my heart
That we should be together
If you ask me how I know
I’ll say that I’d rather understand,
Because to love you is to be
Water that cannot resist the sand.



If her name was beauty
She would be the untouchable flower,
If her name was time
She would redefine forever in the final hour
If her name was heaven
She would fall just like the rain,
If her name was love
I’d fall for her just the same
If her name was music
She would be the harmony of my soul,
If her name was heartbreak
She would be the one to make my heart whole
If her name was poetry
She would be the deepest verse,
If her name was magic
She would be the gift to lift the curse
If her name was happy
She would be an angel’s laughter,
If her name was story
She would be my happily ever after
If her name was perfect
She would be worthy of honor and laud,
If her name was language
She would be the idiom of God.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Pirate of Passion


It all started
When I gazed into her eyes,
Seeing her smile
Was like watching the sunrise
Her beauty indescribable
Akin to catching light,
She is the moon and the stars
That illuminates my dreams at night
When my heart whispers poetry
I hear the echo of her name,
When my soul feels warmth
I feel the presence of her flame
Fluttering like a butterfly
Trying to kiss the shadows,
If loving her meant death
Then send me to the gallows
As a pirate of passion
She is the one I want to please,
For her heart I’d chase a sunset
Across the seven seas
I’d read the constellations
To find out where she hides,
Despite miscalculations
I’d sail against the tides
If she smiled in the darkness
I’d swim to where her reflection kissed the sea,
My alpha and omega
She is more than a goddess to me.



What might I remember
From a lifetime before,
If I felt the waves of your caress
Arriving at my shore
What might I hear
When I listen to the breeze,
Would the echo of your voice
Put my mind at ease
What might I taste
If your lips kissed mine,
Would it be the wine of love
Come straight from the vine
What might I take
From a fraction of forever,
If I felt eternity
Fall on me in drops
What might I lose
If I dared to blink,
Would you vanish from my sea
And leave my heart alone to sink
What might I tell myself
And believe it to be true,
When in a world of lies
My skies already fell for you.