“When she raises her eyelids, it’s as if she were taking off her clothes.” ~Colette, 1903

Kiss me, my sweet, with whispers of love convince me again we belong to each other.

Hold me, my dear, cling to me with your soul, set us on fire and illuminate the darkness.

Love me, my love, as only you know how and break these chains of worry and liberate my heart.

Let us wander into each other as we did at the dawn of our affections when we were uninhibited and our hearts filled with madness. We were innocent then, driven by desire. The world was against us, but we were together.

Our feverish tantrums of passion led us into chambers of unbridled love, trapped in a world beyond time and nothing else mattered.

Do you remember those moments?

They keep me alive, a fire that burns even though I can’t breathe. Your fingers once wrapped around my presence, your mouth rained upon my skin. Your heartbeat thundered against my chest and sent tremors through my soul.

You bathed me with affection, you cleansed me with the warm waters of your devotion. You surrendered yourself to my lust and my love. You kissed me in the night and vowed to always be mine.

Is it any wonder I am incapable of extracting you from my soul?

We made love with such passion and depth, I dare say our souls have become fused to one another. This truth has convinced me that I have God’s favor, for it is a blessing to have had you receive me into the warmth of your soul.

Though this didn’t begin with a touch or a kiss. Our intimacy was first experienced when we stood a handsbreadth apart and fell into each other’s gaze.

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