ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Multiple Universes, One Love


“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through an endless garden, forever.” ~Lord Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland

We live in a unique era of human history. Though I’d love to delve into the myriad of reasons behind that statement, I will—for the sake of brevity—limit my topic to time travel.


Well, because we live in a time when theoretical physicists believe in the possibility of time travel.

When we think about time as part of our four dimensional understanding of the universe, we realize that time is a parameter that measures change and prevents space from colliding into itself.

Why is this important?

When we consider the possibilities of time travel we realize that the river of time forks, which eliminates paradoxes we once thought made time travel an impossibility, and or a limited experience even as pure conjecture.

For example, the 1994 film, Timecop starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, postulated that when you journey back in time and meet your younger self, you cannot make physical contact with your younger-self because “the same matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time.”

In our modern understanding of the space-time continuum, this paradox no longer exists—I’m not sure if it ever did—but the reason behind our current paradigm is that when you travel back in time, the river of time forks, which allows for your atoms to exist simultaneously on another time line.

But what happens when we go back in time and change things?

I’m not referring to something as trivial as going back to that day you overspent on groceries and told yourself to use a coupon.

I’m referring to those life-changing moments that send ripples across the oceans of time and affecting millions upon millions of tomorrows that not only belong to you.

Take love, for example…the one, or the many you lost throughout the course of your life.

In a Bronx Tale, Vinny tells Calogero aka Little C, “You’re only allowed three great women in your lifetime. They come along like the great fighters, once every ten years. Sometimes you get ‘em all at once. That’s the way it goes.”

What happens when you travel back in time to the one you loved the most, or your first love, and you change the past?

Actually, you’re not changing “the past,” per se, but you’re merely changing your past, because in that timeline to which you have traveled it is its own present day.

So, you return to that moment and prevent the break-up from ever happening. In that instant that new timeline veers off into its own alternate reality. A parallel universe where everything that happens will happen according to the effects of that new reality.

As a consequence of this action, you will have set into motion an infinite number of outcomes that will change the course of innumerable tomorrows.

Case in point, what if in your current reality, the son you had with your current wife—perhaps your third great love—meets the love of his life, but in the alternate reality he no longer exists.

In that alternate reality, you and your lost love—now your wife—have a son, but it’s not the same son you had with your wife in your original reality. Let’s say this son meets your first son’s true love, but according to the fates they were never supposed to originally meet.

Let’s take it a step further and assume that your second son and his wife eventually divorce, because their love was never meant to be. They later go on to meet and fall in love with someone else’s true love, which leads to a domino effect of failed relationships where in that universe no one ever ends up with their soulmate.


What if that’s the universe you are in now?

Or, what if there’s a way to right that wrong without having to continuously go back in time to “change” the past?

Then again, what if the way things are is simply the way things are meant to be?

Each experience, each moment, each heartbreak is destined to shape our reality. Giving us memories that define the stories of our lives.

Shakespeare once said: “All the world is a stage.”

What if we are the main characters in our plays, and as we pass through each other’s lives it’s as if we venture into each other’s story? Wandering onto each other’s stage like ghosts passing through walls moving freely from room to room?

Though we meet, though we touch, though we kiss, our interactions serve to perpetuate the ebb and flow of time the way planets and stars exist in galaxies across the universe.

Perhaps certain collisions are inevitable, such as when black holes merge and one absorbs the other, but rather than leading to complete and utter destruction it turns into a journey through a wormhole into a parallel universe.

Who created that reality?

Perhaps that is a discussion for another time.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Love in God’s Language

“We’re all connected by a silent thread.” ~George Leonard

I’m certain you are familiar with the adage: God is love.

But have we ever contemplated what that truly means?




The romantic will postulate that love is a feeling.

The secular will tell you that love is a chemical reaction tantamount to eating large quantities of chocolate.

The physicist will tell you that love is a mathematical equation, which has yet to be fully realized, but does exist in numbers, because math is the language of the universe…numbers being the alphabet.


Think about that word for a minute.

Essentially, it is a conjunction of two words…two letters, to be exact. The first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Alef = A, and Beit = B, yet it goes beyond 2 letters. For you see, the ancient Hebrews used the alphabet to represent numbers.

For example, A (Alef) = 1, B (Beit) =2

So, when we see the Hebrew word for father: AB it is added up for us to see 1+2=3

Now, take the Hebrew word for mother: HALM. Alef + Mem, in numerical values Alef = 1, Mem = 40, so 40+1=41.

Add 4+1 and you’ll arrive at a sum of 5.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

The Hebrew word for child is: YELEV (mind you, there were no vowels in the written word until the time of the Greeks centuries later) so this word was represented by the letters: YLV, which possessed numerical values of: 10+30+4=44.

So when you add the numerical value of father (3) with the numerical value of mother (41)…what do you get?

44 = child.

Add 4+4 and you will have a sum of 8.

Now, let’s look at the numerical value of the word for LOVE in Hebrew, which is Ahava and has a numerical value of 13.

Do you know what all these numbers have in common?

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…?

They are all apart of the Fibonacci sequence. A sequence of numbers that repeat a pattern evident in nature. Nature, a perfectly functioning entity that operates with such precision that it could not have been an accident.

Voltaire once said: “I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.”

And I am inclined to agree!

For you see, when we consider the Creation myth with its 7-day theory and its immaculate garden, we find a uniquely hidden gift with numbers embedded in the tale.

Case in point, the word for the Garden of Eden: KADEM has a numerical value of 144 (Kuf-100+Deled-4+Mem-40)…

The numerical value for the Tree of Knowledge: AAT HA HAIM=233.

Once again, we see two more numbers (144 and 233) that also appear in the Fibonacci sequence.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1,597…etc.

It serves to note that the Fibonacci sequence comes to us from the Italian mathematician born as Leonardo Bonacci. His name, coincidently is a conjugation of two words: filius Bonacci (son of the Bonacci), and he is known for his contribution to Western civilization by popularizing the Hindu-Arabic numerical system, and eventually introducing Europe to the pattern in nature evident in the Fibonacci sequence.

Now, when we apply Fibonacci’s numerical values to our understanding of the universe, we arrive at the conclusion that there is a pattern that cannot be denied.

For example, divide any sequential numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and you will arrive at the same value, or a similar value as a result.

233 divided by 144 will equal 1.618

377 divided by 233 will equal 1.618 (and a series of lesser numbers to follow)

987 divided by 610 will also equal 1.618 (and a series of lesser numbers behind the decimal)…

Continue with the sequence, and then continue to divide the larger number by the preceding smaller number and you will continue to arrive at the same value of 1.618

This number is special, because it represents the perfection in nature.

It is considered the perfect number.

Now, add those numbers up: 1+6+1+8 and you will arrive at the sum of: 16

Add 1+6 and you will have 7

Now, take the numerical value of the word HATE (114)…add those numbers to arrive at: 1+1+4=6

Subtract the world HATE from the word LOVE.






7 is the sum of the the perfect number added up into a single digit.

Is this mere coincidence?

In a universe where even Einstein postulated that God does not roll the dice, and there for there can exist no coincidence…well, I think not!


And so, if LOVE is all around us, and we believe that GOD is LOVE, then it stands to reason that this theory is supported by the numbers, the math, the language of the universe. I dare say math is the single thread that binds us all to one another.





ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Love is Like a Love Song


“Anything can be a love song as long as two people care about it.” ~Rob Sheffield

There is something unique about first love.

It’s like the first note of our favorite song. It will remind us of a time shrouded by the shadows of forgetfulness. Not necessarily because we intend to forget about it, but because it’s an experience we are doomed to never truly remember.

Akin to our first steps, our first kiss, and our first heartbreak…our first loves are merely a rite of passage into a deeper realm.

We will remember them for what they were…that cold shock when we jumped feet first into the waters of affection. We seldom recall how the water embraced us when we emerged from beneath the surface, but we remember swimming.

Truth is, you’re never supposed to remember what it felt like to leap into the water. You’re only supposed to recall how naturally it felt to swim.

When the water holds you, it holds all of you. Even when you go under, the water caresses you with a gentle astuteness that lets you know there is no part of you it will not touch.

This is love.

This is true love.

True love is that secret you cannot keep from yourself.

True love is not a lie that will deceive you into believing something that isn’t real.

True love is honesty.

Beyond that, however, true love is loyal.

For you see, there’s a difference between being honest and being faithful.

Someone can lie to you about being faithful, and they can be honest about infidelity.

And so we must ask ourselves: Is true love ever dishonest and unfaithful?

The correct answer is : No.

True love will never betray you.

It’s that simple.

True love is the moon in a night sky filled with stars.

You might want to make a wish upon a star, but it will only come true if that star falls for you.

The moon, however, will be there for you every night.

Dancing with the tide of your emotions, watching you while you sleep, guiding you through the realm of dreams.

The moon is always faithful.

This defines love, because love isn’t epitomized by what someone does in your presence, but rather it is the expression and loyalty it displays when you aren’t watching.

There’s a sense of security that eases the mind and comforts the heart when you sleep at night knowing the moon is watching you.

I dare say it is tantamount to your lover turning over in their sleep—in the middle of the night—and holding you.

It requires no thought.

It demands nothing of you, or of itself.

It simply is an inherent expression of what you feel in your subconscious.

It is more than simply the first note in your favorite song.

True love simply becomes the sweetest verse over the perfect beat.



“For she had eyes and chose me.” ~Shakespeare, Othello

What is the last thing you remember saying to someone after making love?

Does anyone even do that anymore?

Or is it merely something we only see in the movies?

I used to say: “I want love like it is in the movies!”

Ah, but that was before I started reading books.

Now, I’m certain I’d rather have love like it’s written in a novel. The kind that’s inscribed in eternity. Where love is what it is intended to be…true, unwavering, and more than just words.

There are women who love fictional men and there are women who have found their author crush. Those are wonderful affections between a reader and writer.

Believe me, I know.

I, however, would prefer to experience the kind of love that inspires a writer to pen an unparalleled passion. The type of love that echoes across the ages and inspires future generations to believe in something so profound that even God wouldn’t dare to interfere.

Let the stars write the tale.

Let the world be the stage.

Let her be the sweetest secret in my heart.

And I’ll let her experience the depths of my soul.

I’m no walk in the park, that’s for damn sure.

I’m an alpha.

I’m demanding.

I’m domineering.

But when you’re faithful, I’m devoted.

I’ll hold you like I’m saying goodbye.

I’ll always kiss you like it’s the first time, and as though it is the last.

It’s in my nature, and every romantic will attest to this inherent trait that defines who we are in a world filled with cynics.

Be the only one with whom you make love, and when we lie together after our encounters, I will whisper sweet little nothings into your ear that will mean everything to the both of us.

Chances are that when you do this with a romantic…with a poet, well, we’re writing the first chapter that not only becomes the book, but morphs into a series of seduction.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Love is Like Lightning


“Love comes like lightning, and disappears the same way. If you are lucky it strikes you right.” ~Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Palace of Illusions

What is it about lightning that fascinates us?

What is it about love that changes us?

Both are capable of destroying us, but if we’re fortunate enough to survive with our heart intact, which is rarely the case, we’re brave enough to stand out in the rain once again.

The breeze of unforgettable whispers lures us to out into the open.

The comfort of the moment roots us to the spot, despite our instincts screaming at us to run in the opposite direction.

The sun and the moon will be concealed by the clouds, and yet we wish upon a star.

We take that chance, because we love the rain.

We need that kiss from heaven to land on our parched lips and satiate our need to be felt.

We see them fall…the tears from heaven…like everyone else around us who finds the perfect person for them. And we long to fall in love…like the tears from heaven…crashing down without regard for the inevitable pain of hitting rock bottom.

Oh, but for that brief instant when each rain drop forms in the heavens and journeys into the abyss of the end, it lives. That rain drop is part of a storm. One that will change the world forever.

Perhaps, that’s what it’s all about.

We know not how long we’ll live, but we do know that it’s incumbent upon us to live.

On the way down, that rain drop is searching for a place to make a difference.

The raindrop is the person heaven sent for you.

Lightning, however, is the feeling that person inspires in you.

It rarely hits its mark, but when it gets you…you just know.

There’s no second-guessing it.

There’s no wondering if it is real.

When lightning strikes, you know it is lightning.

This is love.

Love will fascinate you.

The prospect of seeing it amid the rage of a storm captivates us like a moth to a flame.

We want that heat.

We need it.

We crave it to such an extent that we risk our lives, or our life as we know it, for the sheer curiosity of what it feels like and the certainty that we’ll survive it.

And even if we don’t, what of it.

They say: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but even if it does kill you, well, then, at least you’ll know you lived life to the fullest.

Isn’t that the point?

At best, you’ll have a story to tell.

At worst, heaven chose to touch your heart.



“The key to sharing a heart worth loving, is to share a love worth remembering.” ~Felix Alexander

How will you remember love?

How will you remember each other?

We never think about these questions in the beginning. The thought never occurs to us that we’ll have to reflect on life after love.

Why should we?

Love is the one thing we perceive as different from everything else, yet it is interwoven into almost every other aspect of our lives.

It’s the only thing we ever enter into, the only thing we ever begin without ever expecting it to end.

When it does end, regardless of the circumstances, it leaves us feeling devastated.

The end of love is the day that turned to night when we didn’t want to sleep, because life was so much better than our dreams.

For others, it is that peaceful slumber wrapped beneath the comfort of blankets on a cold winter morning, but you are forced to rouse from your dreams to face the cold reality of the absence of love.

To want it again.

To need it again.

Is to suffer the loss of a piece of yourself, and you’ll be willing to endure even more pain just to have it back.

To what end, though?

To relive the past?

To make things right?

To make things better?

The journey of life is but the passage of time.

Perhaps, the experiences of our past are designed—be it by God, or Fate, or by ourselves—to guide us into becoming who we are destined to be. Given that everything in life is cyclical: seasons, celestial events, and personal endeavors…it stands to reason that they are our opportunity during one lifetime to live many lives.

We learn from our first love how to navigate the preambles of affection, and we learn from our second love how we could have treated our first love better. We learn from our next love how to trust our instincts, and we learn from our last love how to trust each other.

And so, to have love returned is a wish life grants us by having our paths cross with another. This is no accident. No coincidence, for it is known that God does not roll dice with the universe.

This, my friends, is the inevitability of love. And when we get it back, it comes to us as the fresh canvas comes before the painter, an opportunity to make things right, and do things better…and not just for us, but for the person whom the Fates brought us.

I dare say that whom we have grown into has primed us to be the one to heal someone else who has been broken by heartache. And they, the same for us, in such a way that we not only heal each other, but grow into love as we continue to grow together.

Though we may look ahead with hope that it will last until the end of our days, we are careful not to peer through the veils of time for a sad end that could conceivably destroy us.

Why would we want to do that anyway?

I believe that it would be akin to knowing the exact moment when your life will end. Chances are you may not enjoy life, because you’ll be too busy focusing on the impending doom.

Though we must be careful not to dismiss the finality of death, it serves to note that we should remain conscious of it, because in doing so, it gives us perspective that immortality could never provide.

This is what makes life so precious. This is what makes living a thing of beauty. Every experience is more beautiful, because any moment could be our last. Once it’s over, we will never be here again, but while we’re here we may be fortunate enough to love someone else with everything that we are.

Worry not about the end of love, because true love stories never end. They merely progress, as do our souls, from one stage of existence to the next. And all that matters is what we do with the time we have with each other.

I, for one, would like to have that moment be a tiny droplet of time that ripples across the centuries and echoes into forever.




“Steal a little and they’ll put you in jail, steal a lot and they’ll make you a king!” ~Bob Dylan

We all search for treasure.

Happiness, wealth, health, and love are the precious stones of the soul. Some hold more value than others depending on the perspective of each individual, but ultimately we hope to possess them all.

We dream, we plot, we hope and we pray to stumble upon these treasures without realizing that we already have one or two and only need the third to find the last.

Wealth goes beyond monetary value, but we only see our need for financial security. It’s a practical endeavor, and despite the family and friends who enrich our lives, we feel poor in the absence of fiscal wealth.

Our health goes beyond being in perfect physical condition, but we only see our self-perceived flaws of weight, unique features, and the scars of life. Is it vanity, or an unrealistic perception of beauty bestowed upon us by a society obsessed with outward appearance in lieu of inward reflection?

Though we may not be able to run a mile in less than seven minutes, we take for granted that our lungs have not failed us. Though we may need optical assistance to see more clearly, we fail to realize that we have not gone blind. Our bodies may ache, and we complain without realizing there are others who have lost their limbs.

Our inability to acknowledge our wealth of personal relationships: family, friends, and acquaintances…and the overall well-being of our health essentially robs us of our own happiness.

And so, we seek out the third: love.

For some it’s the love of our parents, our children, our friends and other relations, but for others it’s the search for that life-defining love that we pursue.

This love takes on many forms from: first love, lost love, romantic love, passionate love, undying love, and last love.

You’d think they are all the same, but in truth each contains elements of the others, yet possesses an identity all its own.

We search for these in many of the people we meet and may even be fortunate enough to one or two throughout the various stages of our lives.

The luckiest ones, I believe, are the ones who find two particular types of love in their lives.

There’s that love of your life, and then there’s your once-in-a-lifetime love.

They may resemble each other with echoes of passion and reflections of romance, but one will teach you how to love and the other will show you how you should be loved.

The first, you look upon with great anticipation and hope beyond hope that it will last forever. For some, it just so happens to workout in their favor. For others, destiny has a different plan.

The second, you look upon with suspicion and approach with caution. You’re more likely to resist it, and even convince yourself that you don’t need it. But in order to complete your treasure, you do.

It will resemble love as your remember it: the good, the bad, and the unbelievable, yet it will reveal to you things about love you did not know were possible. In essence, it becomes a curative journey for a broken heart.

Through the process of that salvation, you may not even realize how your presence provides the same comfort in return.

And as you dance together to the rhythm of your hearts, you reveal to one another the treasures of your health and your wealth and discover that you’ve found happiness hidden in the chest of your lives.

What about your hearts, though?

Where have they gone?

What has become of your most cherished possession?

The most fragile and priceless artifact of your existence. That rare gem you kept locked away in the vault of your soul.

What became of your heart?

What became of theirs?

It is then that you realize you have each stolen the other’s heart, and it is in that moment that your treasures are complete, for you will do anything to protect it.



“A friend is always good to have, but a lover’s kiss is better than angels raining down at me.” ~Dave Matthews Band

I’m sitting by the window
Watching the clouds roll by,
Letting the rain fall on my face
To conceal the tears I cry
But these aren’t tears of sadness
For these are tears of joy,
My happy ending just began
In this story of girl meets boy
And I’d love to sing a song about it
My feelings composed for you,
Written in the melody
Is the secret of my heart – I adore you
My soul will be your symphony
A concert composed for you,
The harmony of my affections
To show you there’s nothing I won’t do
I’d turn this song into play
You’d be my opera and I’d be your phantom,
Let me be your lullaby
And you will be my anthem
The conductor directing the score
In the orchestra of my emotions,
A song heard halfway around the world
Beyond the mountains and the oceans
I’d compose another opus
You’d be the inspiration for the theme,
I’d compose another rhapsody
And tell the story as if it were a dream
I’d devote to you the chorus
And sing a song of love that is true,
I’d love to do it all
But mostly I’d just love to fall in love with you.

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“What I say is that the supreme and singular joy of making love resides in the certainty of doing evil.” ~Baudelaire (1821-1867

Fuck the butterflies.

Seek the flames.

Both will flutter wildly, but only one completes the night.

Pursue the scent of uninhibited passion and lead the fancy of your heart along the path of stolen glances and a risked caress. Embrace her the way the night holds the moon and surround her with the heavy desire of your heart.

Whisper to her the way a dreamer talks to the sky. Breathe into her ear the way the breeze of night passes through an open window. Write poetry between her legs and relish the flavor of her satisfaction as it seeps onto your tongue.

Elicit the secrets that escape her lips in moans of delight and memorize the way her body quivers beneath your touch. Erase her memories of the past until they become forgotten words and the only name she remembers is yours.

Want her.

Need her.

Claim her.

Lay her down and watch her writhe like the sea. Be her wind. Be her sun and stars. Be the moon that controls her tide, and you will find your reflection in her eyes. She will only see you. You could ask for nothing more and you will find nothing better.

Take hold of her wrists. Hold her down. Earn her trust and she will grant you desires normally reserved for her silent thoughts.

When she surrenders herself to you, she needs you to be certain about your feelings, because only the fires of passion will consume you both.

Butterflies are for the innocent.

In the delirium of desire there is nothing innocent about the wickedness of making love.