Would it be enough

To see her in your dreams,

That glimpse into heaven

Where destiny is what it seems

Each second is a lifetime

You endure without a breath,

Love will last until the last

Beyond the reach of death…


Would it be enough

To have her in your embrace,

Holding your reason for breathing

Exhale, and she will leave without a trace

If she whispered your name

Would you catch her with your heart,

Guard her as your best kept secret

To never be apart…


Would it be enough

To lose yourself in her gaze,

To fall into the realm of her thoughts

And navigate her maze

Rush not to find her heart

Fret not that you’ll miss your fate,

In time you will discover

That she was worth the wait…


Would it be enough

To know you fell in love,

And you lived as many lifetimes

As there are the stars above

And whenever each star falls

Pulling away from the skies,

Would it be enough

To know that it is only for love

That even the strongest man cries.

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