ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Fantasy of Dreams


Let my lips touch you

As the rain kisses the skies,

Let my sight kiss you

As love is felt in the eyes

I’ll fall for you again

The way I fell for you before,

The secret in your heart

That leaves you wanting more

I’ll caress you from a distance

As thoughts massage your dreams,

Let me be your fantasy

And make love what it seems

Maybe an illusion 

Maybe what you need,

Maybe I’ll hide in your shadows

As the poet your heart will bleed

Think of me at night

When you fall asleep,

Simply hold me tight

As your memory to keep

No te olvidaré

Cuando hablo con los dioses,

Los convenceré

Que eres mía entonces

If only for the moment

Cuando empiezo a soñar,

Les diré ahora que con mis pensamientos 

Eres tu quien quiero tocar!

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