“Blaze with the fire that is never extinguished.” ~Luisa Sigea, 16th century

I miss the way you breathed life into my lungs when you whispered, “I love you.”

God, how I ache for you. Even my demons do not indulge in their wickedness. I choke on tears to hide our secrets from the world.

I cannot speak without falling to pieces. I cannot breathe without suffocating from the pain. I cannot gaze upon your beauty without wishing I was blind.

The cold of winter does not numb me from the pain. I dare say death would be a futile endeavor when I don’t even know how to live without you. Truth is, I’ve never learned how to stop loving you.

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that when your heart breaks it doesn’t just break in one place. Mine has shattered a million different ways and glued back together by the mere proximity of your heart.

You raise walls I cannot break, you strike blows I should never recover from, and still I love you.

Perhaps one day you’ll reflect on my level of devotion to you and realize that a love this deep doesn’t happen for everyone, and it seldom happens to the same person twice.

In a world where everything else fades, my love for you will never diminish. Isn’t this what love is, unconditional…the unkept secret?

Some say, “Karma will have her way,” but I don’t want Karma to find you. I’d sooner shield you from her with my own heart, if I must, as long as it means you will love me.

This is who I am. I am yours.

You have left me in tears on more occasions than I can count. You’ve abandoned me to silence and shadows where time is irrelevant, and still I love you.

I think of our first kiss and I am reminded of a time when dreams came true.

Amid the darkness, amid the chaos, I follow the echo of your whisper, a love song with words that perhaps belong to someone else. Still, I love you.

I seek the fire in your eyes, the gaze that always warmed my soul with desire. I die with longing to feel your caress once more. Without you, I am lost…helpless, with a void in the center of my chest where only you fit, and still I love you.

You were my strength and my weakness, yet without you I am only left with the latter. My only option now is to cry you out of my system, but an ocean has nowhere to run as the rain keeps falling. Each drop leaves me feeling a little more empty, a little more incomplete…parched.

You were my life, my friend, my heart.

If I’m in hell now, it’s because you were my greatest sin.

The flame of my heart sustained on the wings of your whisper, when you said, “I love you.”

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